Ireland, Ireland
  • Cork A view from Cobh harbor. Credit: Peter Craine [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikime Cork
    A view from Cobh harbor.

The second largest city in Ireland, Cork is a maritime center with one of the world's largest natural harbors.

Originally settled by monks in the 6th century, Cork -- "Cobh" in Gaelic -- was an early urban trading center after the Norse set up a trading port. These days, you can still see some walled sections and gates that remain from medieval times.

A cultural haven

Cork is a major Irish center for music, dance, theatre and film. Modern additions to its cultural tapestry are the Cork Opera House, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery and Lewis Glucksman Gallery. One of its prize traditions is found in its local foods -- tripe, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, artisan cheeses and breads. A brief stop by the harbor can turn into hours of delight of watching activity and people.


  • Oceanic

Physical Environment

  • Rolling countryside
  • Beaches within 25 miles


  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Fine art museum
  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local professional ballet
  • Active club/bar/music scene
  • Local professional symphony
  • Local film festival
  • Local community theatre


  • Leaning liberal


  • $$$$ -- Things cost more than you'd expect


  • Public golf course
  • Casino gaming within 25 miles
  • Year-round fitness swimming center
  • Biking, hiking, running trails
  • Downtown yoga studio


  • Safe bike corridors
  • Vibrant public transportation system
  • Public squares
  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Lots of downtown living space
  • International airport
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods


  • Community swimming pool
  • Emergency medical services within 25 miles
  • Community senior center
  • Public-assisted (govt.) health insurance
  • University teaching hospital