Advertise offers two general ways for advertisers to share their messages -- through our premier pages and community pages.

Premier pages

Our premier pages are the static pages offered in the navigation bar, with the exception of pages that describe individual cities. Advertising sponsors can purchase the following:

Community pages

A community page is a Web page dedicated to a specific community that appears in the site. For example, if you purchase the leaderboard ad on the Charleston page, for example, you would be the Charleston community sponsor.

A note on advertising file types advertising sizes.

As highlighted in the graphic above, we accept leaderboard and large rectangle advertising. Please submit them to us in .GIF or .JPG format in the appropriate size at 72 dpi. Questions or more? Contact us today.

A note on pricing offers advertising based on sponsorships of specific pages for an annual fee only. Why? Because it saves you and us the hassle of fiddling with frequency of ad runs weekly or monthly. Additionally, we view advertisers as partners who want to sponsor pages to help underwrite the innovative service offered by

Three caveats:

  1. 1. Prices may be adjusted starting Jan. 1, 2013, based on Web traffic and the site's popularity.
  2. 2. When you agree to sponsor a page or package with, your annual rate is guaranteed to be locked in for a year, regardless of price adjustments that may occur, as noted above.
  3. 3. If you want to change your advertisement, we're happy to do it at any time, but request changes at the rate of no more than monthly.

A note on our nonprofit partners

One of our founders has observed that the places many nonprofits strive to improve may not be places that you want to Travel or Move. But they are places that need a lot of help so that people who live there can have a better lot in life. That's why we've partnered with several nonprofits to provide free messaging to push values that we believe are important. is committed to encouraging nonprofits across the world. If you are a nonprofit organization that wants to use our site to disseminate your message, contact us to let us know. While we can't offer free advertising to everyone, we'll work with you to make it affordable.