North Holland, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam offers a rich palate of food, bicycles, canals and culture in the largest city in the Netherlands.  With a population of just over 800,000 in the city and 2.3 million in its greater metropolitan area, Amsterdam historically is one of the world's most important ports.  A leading trading and finance center for years, it is ranked second best city in which to live by the Economist Intelligence Unit and ranks high on other quality of life indices.

Great museums

Among the delights of Amsterdam are its refurbished Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the modern art Stedelijk Museum, the Anne Frank house its red-light district and other attractions that draw 3.7 million visitors annually.  You can find lots of travel information here.

Embracing Dutchness

A 2013 issue of Travel + Leisure magazine described Amsterdam as Europe's exciting marriage of design and dining:  "The city's younger generation of chefs are embracing their Dutchness, to say nothing of luminous homegrown ingredients. ... Beyond the Museum Quarter and the Central canal ring, futuristic architecture is creating a waterfront wonderland."


  • Oceanic

Physical Environment


  • Fine art museum
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Local professional symphony
  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local community theatre
  • Local film festival
  • Active club/bar/music scene
  • Local professional ballet


  • Liberal


  • $$$$ -- Things cost more than you'd expect


  • Year-round fitness swimming center
  • Casino gaming within 25 miles
  • Downtown yoga studio
  • Professional sports
  • Public golf course
  • Biking, hiking, running trails


  • Lots of downtown living space
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods
  • International airport
  • Public squares
  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Safe bike corridors
  • Vibrant public transportation system


  • Emergency medical services within 25 miles
  • Public-assisted (govt.) health insurance
  • Community senior center
  • Low HIV rate
  • Community swimming pool
  • University teaching hospital