Capital District, Colombia
  • Fun restaurant Andres Carne des Res is a restaurant that offers fun, fun, fun. Courtesy Fun restaurant
    Andres Carne des Res is a restaurant that offers fun, fun, fun.

If you think of the drug war when you think of Bogotá, you might need to change your perspective. As The New York Times described in 2010, “In just a few years, this subtropical city has clamped down on violence, cleaned up its act and emerged as the trendy capital of Colombian cool, safe enough to visit but still seedy enough to feel far from home.”


Almost as big as New York City


Today, Bogotá is home to 7.5 million people, which is 90 percent the size of New York (who knew?). At first, Bogotá, which is 8,600 feet above sea level, might not fit the mold of a super cool place, but when the sun goes down, watch out. It's got fun, dancing, diverse neighborhoods and eclectic offerings that reward visitors and new residents day in and day out. Sure, you need to be careful, but you need to do that anytime millions of people are crammed together.


There's a lot do to – from visiting a conservation watershed that looks like it fell from The Hobbit to being amazed in museums like the Botero in the old city. Bogotá has been dubbed the “Athens of South America” for its numerous libraries and universities.

Physical Environment

  • Mountains


  • Active club/bar/music scene
  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local community theatre
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Fine art museum


  • Leaning liberal


  • $$ -- Good value for your money


  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods
  • International airport
  • Public squares
  • Vibrant public transportation system
  • Lots of downtown living space
  • Safe bike corridors