New York
New York, USA
  • New York The city that doesn't sleep  New York
    The city that doesn't sleep

Ahh, New York, the city filled with everything from dazzling skyscrapers and fabulous cultural riches to tasty hot dogs from street vendors to the world's best shopping. As Frank Sinatra crooned, New York is the heart of the world -- "that city that doesn't sleep."

Never a dull moment

There's never a time in New York City that nothing is happening.  The most populous city in the United States, New York is a global power filled with banks, culture, the world's first public landscaped park, fashion, cool bars, trendy nightclubs, more than 18,000 restaurants and outstanding entertainment.  The list can go on and on.  Think of New York and what comes to your mind? The subway.  The Statue of Liberty.  The Empire State Building.  That scene in "When Harry Met Sally."  Hot dog vendors.  Times Square.  MoMA.  Rockefeller Center.  Grand Central Station.  The World Trade Center.

There's an attitude, a hipness, about New York City, comprised of five distinctive boroughs -- Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.


  • Humid subtropical

Physical Environment

  • City with at least one 50-story building
  • Beaches within 25 miles


  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local community theatre
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Local professional ballet
  • Active club/bar/music scene
  • Local professional symphony
  • Fine art museum
  • Local film festival


  • Leaning liberal


  • $$$$ -- Things cost more than you'd expect


  • Professional sports
  • Year-round fitness swimming center
  • Public golf course
  • Downtown yoga studio
  • Biking, hunting, running trails
  • Nearby surfing
  • Casino gaming within 25 miles


  • International airport
  • Safe bike corridors
  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods
  • Public squares
  • Vibrant public transportation system
  • Lots of downtown living space


  • Community senior center
  • Emergency medical services within 25 miles
  • Community hospital only
  • Community swimming pool