Florida, USA
  • Miami From South Beach to Biscayne Bay, Miami is home to an active, fun lifestyle.  Miami
    From South Beach to Biscayne Bay, Miami is home to an active, fun lifestyle.

Put on your pastels and head to Miami, one of’s super coolest places in the world.  With its culture, fun and dynamism, it offers a great place for visitors -- or to be a new home for those looking for a super cool place. 

Located at the bottom tip of Florida, Miami is a vibrant, diverse city of millions who enjoy everything from pumped-up partying along along the streets of Miami Beach's Art Deco district (800+ Art Deco buildings) to rooting for the lightning-fast greyhounds at the racetrack.  Infused with a blend of American and Latin culture, this community of looming skyscrapers and broad beaches is filled with eclectic neighborhoods and tony estates. 

City of neighborhoods

Downtown on the eastern side of the city is the business district.  In the north is Midtown with its bohemian sections and residential towers.  To the northwest is an area filled with top-quality hospitals while the western parts of the city include LIttle Havana and other traditionally immigrant neighborhoods.  Historic neighborhoods of Coral Way and Coconut Grove are in the south side of Miami.  All over:  lots to explore and enjoy.


  • Tropical monsoon/savanna

Physical Environment

  • City with at least one 50-story building
  • Resort community
  • Beaches within 25 miles


  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Local film festival
  • Active club/bar/music scene
  • Local professional symphony
  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local community theatre
  • Local professional ballet
  • Fine art museum


  • Leaning conservative


  • $$$ -- Prices seem reasonable


  • Public golf course
  • Downtown yoga studio
  • Casino gaming within 25 miles
  • Year-round fitness swimming center
  • Professional sports
  • Biking, hunting, running trails
  • Nearby surfing


  • Lots of downtown living space
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods
  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Safe bike corridors
  • Public squares
  • Vibrant public transportation system


  • Community senior center
  • Emergency medical services within 25 miles
  • Community swimming pool
  • University teaching hospital