Massachusetts, USA
  • Boston    Boston

The largest city in New England, Boston has a storied past and huge economic impact today that is felt throughout the nation.  With a metro area of more than 4 million, Boston's many colleges and universities are hubs for leading American thinking, businesses and health care facilities.  Its economic base ranges from research and manufacturing to finance, medicine and biotechnology.

Great liveability

Ranked the third most liveable city in the United States, Boston has something for everyone.  There's colonial history galore.  Educational opportunities seem limitless.  And as its longtime mayor has said, Boston is known for its innovation. 

The city's harbor and proximity to the sea provide a bounty of tasty fish and clams that visitors queue for daily.  From iconic Fenway Park and Boston Garden (now known by a different name), Boston also is home to legendary professional sports leagues for football, baseball, basketball and hockey.


  • Hot summer continental

Physical Environment

  • City with at least one 50-story building
  • Beaches within 25 miles


  • Local professional ballet
  • Local community theatre
  • Major public college in downtown
  • Local film festival
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Fine art museum
  • Local professional symphony
  • Active club/bar/music scene


  • Leaning liberal


  • $$$$ -- Things cost more than you'd expect


  • Year-round fitness swimming center
  • Snow skiing within 50 miles
  • Professional sports
  • Casino gaming within 25 miles
  • Biking, hunting, running trails
  • Downtown yoga studio
  • Public golf course


  • Working farms within 25 miles
  • Safe bike corridors
  • Public squares
  • Lots of downtown living space
  • Vibrant public transportation system
  • Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods
  • International airport


  • University teaching hospital
  • Community swimming pool
  • Emergency medical services within 25 miles